KGS has provided solutions to buildings big and small, solving the needs of multiple stakeholders


KGS has provided ClockworksTM and engineering services to a wide array of clients, including building management companies, research and educational institutions, commercial owners, and multi-family residential building owners. Our clients have included companies such as Cooper Square Realty, Colliers Meredith & Grew, Urban American, Hines, MIT Investment Management Company, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Schneider Electric and more.


Proactive Operations and Maintenance for a University Campus

Clockworks is deployed as a campus wide automated diagnostics, long-term trending, and performance management solution at a top tier university to support proactive operations and maintenance. The university has committed to proactively managing its building portfolio to achieve energy and cost savings, and maintain its buildings at a high level of performance. Clockworks is utilized by in-house staff on weekly basis to review prioritized diagnostic findings, issue work orders and service requests, and resolve critical or cost justified issues promptly.


Research Laboratory Energy Savings and Utility Incentives

A commercial deployment of KGS's web-based, automated continuous commissioning software in a 450,000 square foot mixed-use wet-laboratory, educational and conference space. The software was integrated with Schneider Electric's Continuum energy management and control system to facilitate seamless monitoring and analysis on more than 13,000 data points points, including 24 air-handlers, over 700 terminal boxes and fume hoods, and many other pieces of HVAC equipment. Within the first six months, KGS' software succesfully identified dozens of equipment faults and inefficiencies with significant cost savings. Prioritized repairs led to $286,000 per year in operational energy cost savings, with additional benefits to the customer derived from utility incentive payments from documented savings.


Commercial Building Operational Cost Savings and Service Prioritization

In a large commercial office building, Clockworks is utilized by multiple stakeholders to manage and track building and service performance. Senior management utilizes Clockworks to track energy performance, mechanical service providers use it to identify and prioritize service actions, and engineering vendors utilize Clockworks for measurement and verification to document achieved savings. Across multiple stakeholders, Clockworks provides information they need to provide better services, provide a better building, and reduce energy and operating costs.

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