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Better Facilities with Data and Information

We deliver information to help you save money, time, and energy while improving comfort and facility operations. 


Automated Diagnostics

Automated fault detection and diagnostic algorithms turn reams of building automation and meter data into specific, prioritized issues according to their dollar value or comfort and maintenance priority. Diagnostics performed on building data quantify cost, energy and comfort impacts on an equipment by equipment basis. We professionally manage a library of diagnostics across many different building system types, from chillers to co-generation, large air handlers to simple zone equipment. Lastly, we support you with a help line to ensure your teams get accurate information, which lead to action and better performance


Energy Reporting

Our performance dashboard and kiosk view provides the key energy benchmarking information you need to manage facility performance. Energy use intensities, compared to similar buildings and historical performance, area and weather normalized, to help guide your decision making at the whole building level and track performance over time.


Measurement and Verification

We provide the most granular data on the market about whether operational efficiency measures have achieved savings. From heating and cooling coil loads on specific air handlers to electrical consumption on a specific pump, we have the data and the analytic information to support equipment-level measurement and verification for most types of energy conservation measures.


Cloud Historian

The days of expensive data storage are over. We provide cloud-based data storage for years for all of your building automation and meter data without the hardware and IT headaches of the past.

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