The Challenge

Our Solution

Disparate Systems

Large building portfolios, whether on one campus, or geographically dispersed, often have multiple building automation systems as well as other data sources such as servers where meter data is stored.

Software Gateways and Cloud Data Aggregation

The Clockworks gateway is software only. No need for additional hardware. KGS installs the gateway through remote access with no need to step foot on site. With no impact to your network, data is read and pushed “outbound only” to the Microsoft Cloud.

Reactive Maintenance

Oftentimes, facilities engineers feel like firefighters. Called upon to fix problems when occupants complain about comfort, when a critical failure occurs, or a BAS alarm signals an issue.

Proactive Maintenance

Industry research shows that fixing problems proactively can be 10x cheaper than reactive maintenance. Until now, tools have not been available to resolve issues before they proliferate. Clockworks gives you visibility into operational inefficiencies before they lead to more serious problems.


Performance Degradation

All mechanical systems degrade over time. As buildings become more complex, with thousands of digital sensors, small human errors like overrides are forgotten, mechanical problems like damper actuators fail, or controls inefficiencies like poorly tuned PID loops cause short cycling.

Performance Insight

Clockworks enables your team to monitor across 1,000s of equipment that would be impossible without a large, skilled group of BAS Engineers. In addition, Clockworks validates diagnostics over time and frequency, and prioritizes these insights each day, so that your team can execute quickly.

Asked To Do More With Less

We have yet to meet a facilities team looking for another to do list. All operations teams are being asked to do more with limited resources. Resource planning is more important than ever.

Enhance Productivity

Facilities Teams need to know what’s most important to them and how to quantify and prioritize these pressing issues. Clockworks focus on energy, comfort, and maintenance impacts while blocking out the nuisance alarms and noise.


Lack of Support

Unsupported applications are not an option and exorbitant fees for service and support should be a thing of the past.

Expert Guidance and Training

KGS Buildings Expert Service Team of engineers provides around-the-clock technical support for reviewing diagnostics and assisting with fault resolution. This includes on-going training, monthly performance tracking and any general customer service requests.