Broaden and Enhance your Building Services Offering 

Partnership with KGS Buildings is about more than simply reselling software, it's about transforming the partner value proposition. We work with our partners to deliver comprehensive smart building services that integrate the full value proposition of Automatic Fault Detection and Diagnostics (AFDD). The client sees the benefits in smarter maintenance, improved energy efficiency, enhanced workplace comfort and more effective facilities management programs. Many of our partners include Clockworks® in their standard or premier service offerings as simply ‘the way they do business’ for a new era where connected equipment facilitates smarter buildings. The icon “Powered by Clockworks®” differentiates and enhances the value of partner offerings such as control services, mechanical services, energy services, M&V, and commissioning.

Our partners are rewarded by their clients for bringing them to the leading edge of smart building technology, and become more deeply trusted advisers that enable their clients to enhance facility operations and systematically improve results.

Please let us know a little more information about your company below and we’ll get back in touch with details of how to take full advantage of this program.