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Transforming Facility Management Together

When we connect your buildings to Clockworks, you not only gain insight from automated analytics, you gain a team.  Our goal is to help you achieve energy and cost savings, operational efficiency, longer lasting equipment, and improved occupant comfort.  We work to understand your team and your facilities, then help you leverage technology to transform facility operations to achieve a higher standard in facility management.

As we work together, we will...

  • Learn about your facilities, your building automation systems, and how your teams get work done
  • Connect your buildings to a comprehensive analytics platform creating valuable insight
  • Train and engage your team to inspire action with new tools and new information
  • Continuously support and serve your teams, helping to inspire, measure, and communicate progress while ensuring ongoing analytics accuracy and action

We strive to be an extension of our client's facilities resources, helping make an impact on facilities all over the world by helping great teams to great work.  


Be Proactive.

University of Iowa realizes shift towards proactive operations and reduction in occupant complaints and unplanned equipment maintenance.


Manage to a Higher Standard.

A major healthcare system is leveraging fault detection and diagnostics to facilitate new standards in commissioning across their portfolio.