FDD 2.0 delivers:

  • a vast library of analytics shared across a variety of facility types, globally.
  • clients benefit from each other, their unique insights and equipment information.
  • advanced analytics are scaled across clients and tailored insights drive action.
  • a community of leaders driven to shape FDD 2.0 and beyond—read about our Client Advisory Council here.

Fault Detection is no longer:

  • a toolkit implemented in isolation.
  • dependent on an integrator that walks away after install.
  • required to build site-constrained rules that need to be continuously upgraded.
  • on-premise, custom-built solution that degrades and diminishes in value over time.

Future Proof Your Investment

Interoperability is central to future proofing your strategy.  With FDD 2.0, you adopt a platform that changes with you over time.  Employing leading cloud technologies and a platform with open API’s that evolves continuously provides assurance that your use of analytics and its capabilities adapt to the needs of your organization and its systems.


More Than Alarms

FDD 2.0 employs structured algorithms to deduce a set of related issues, deliver a thorough diagnostic report, and offer guidance to improving your facilities’ systems and environment.  FDD 2.0 diagnostics call-out high supply temperatures, leaking heating valves, that these issues are causing comfort problems for occupants and that it is wasting energy at $50.00 per day.  Our technology delivers what matters, so you can act quickly.

Trusted Accuracy

Customers cannot bear the burden of maintaining an FDD system themselves to avoid inaccurate or out-of-date analytics. FDD 2.0 removes these challenges, we maintain information and scale upgrades and innovations so you don’t have to. With FDD 2.0, we stand behind the accuracy of our analytics through our ongoing support and software development ensuring that our solution can be depended on year over year.