Our technology and services start with our remarkable people.

Our passion is revolutionizing the built environment. KGS Buildings was founded in 2008 within MIT’s Building Science Department. Since its founding, our team has been focused on equipping clients with cutting-edge technology to significantly enhance their operations and improve their buildings’ performance. This means breaking the existing cycle of reactive operations and maintenance in the building industry. We provide software and intelligent analytics that empowers our clients to drive proactive and strategic operations—ushering in the next generation of smarter facilities management.

The KGS Buildings team continues to grow rapidly in order to support our global clients. Our team members are driven, intellectually curious and resourceful; all of whom are singularly focused on our clients’ success. Our team’s experience includes building systems engineering, fault detection and diagnostics, cloud technologies, and software development. This powerful mix allows us to deliver exceptional service and make a significant impact across the world!

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Meet Our Team

Nick Gayeski

Co-Founder and CEO

Sian Kleindienst

Co-Founder and Chief Scientist

John Anastasio

Partner and CTO

Alex Grace

Vice President of Business Development

Nate Pickett

Vice President of Technology

Jaime Gagne

Principal Building Scientist

Carl Samara

Director of Services

Joe Fucetola

Vice President of Finance and Administration

Ryan Cruz

Onboarding Manager

Tyler Long

System Integration Manager

Michael Crosson

Enterprise Account Executive

Bill Duckett

Enterprise Account Executive

Stephen Bisher

Process Integration

Stewart Gordon

Lead UI Engineer

Adam Rosszay

Senior QA Engineer

Troy Wilson

Senior Building Analyst

Sabrina Larkin

Building Analyst


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