The KGS Buildings Client Council

A community of innovators moving the industry forward

The KGS Client Advisory Council is composed of a dynamic and innovative group of Facilities and Real estate professionals with a shared vision to utilize  automated fault detection and diagnostic (AFDD) software to continually improve the management of their facilities.  Council members share best practices, management strategies, operational approaches, and product feedback to help advance the future of facilities management utilizing smart building technologies.

We are fortunate to have  a group of forward thinking institutions, who share the belief that there is tremendous value in the exchange between our largest and most important clients across Higher Education, Healthcare, Pharma/Biotech, and Corporate Real Estate including leading organizations such as Kaiser Permanente, Harvard Business School, Johns Hopkins University, University of Iowa, MD Anderson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and other prestigious organizations in their industries.

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U Arizona
Harvard Business School
Johns Hopkins
U Iowa
Harvard Med School
MD Anderson