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Lead Service Engineer

Lead Service Engineers are experienced Facilities professionals, often with experience as commissioning agents, building automation specialists, or facilities managers, excited to help Facilities teams all over the world use fault detection and diagnostics to run better, smarter facilities and more efficient operations.  You will be empowered to ensure clients' are connected to our industry leading fault detection platform quickly and accurately, and to help our partners scale their connected services.

Job Purpose / Mission

As a Service Engineer, your objective is to support our clients in achieving their desired outcomes by providing technical guidance, analysis and recommendations to them through remote service calls and support responses.  You will work closely with our clients to help them understand our platform and the diagnostic findings about their buildings, and closely with our client success, and analytics teams to ensure that their entire experience is positive, productive and impactful. You will lead a team of Building Analysts in onboarding new clients and ensuring they are properly configured in our platform. You will be responsible for providing level 1 and level 2 technical support to our clients including, but not limited to, answering client and partner questions about diagnostic results, updating client configurations within the software, monitoring client connectivity and helping to resolve some system integration issues. 

Core Accountabilities / Responsibilities

Client Support (50%)

  • Work directly with clients and technology partners, and with internal teams at KGS to resolve support questions and issues
  • Triage and answer support tickets in JIRA Service Desk, responding to the client or technology partner in a timely manner
  • Make a judgment call regarding the level of support required, and be prepared to handle or delegate support levels 1 and 2 (with the option to move into level 3 support in the future given the right experience and technical ability)
  • Provide extra client training sessions if requested after initial training is complete
  • Delete and re-run diagnostics as necessary to resolve support issues described below
  • Level 1 support
    • Answer questions about non-technical tasks like site navigation
    • Answer questions about site access, create new users, and adjust current user settings
    • Answer questions about and adjust client settings like download limits
  • Level 2 support
    • Provide an acknowledgement response to all diagnostic inaccuracy reports
    • Review and explain diagnostic results with clients and technology partners when asked or when a false inaccuracy report is made
    • Resolve inaccuracy reports by updating existing building and equipment configurations within CW and BA
    • Resolve minor data flow interruptions by working closely with the system integration team
    • Work with the system integration team to make minor data additions after the initial deployment has been completed
    • Work with the diagnostics development team to prioritize level 3 (see below) and 4 (new development) support requests
  • Level 3 support (future option, given experience and technical ability)
    • Investigate support issues or inaccuracy reports which involve reviewing the diagnostics, equipment ratings and sequence of operation
    • Make adjustments to correct issues with equipment setup and diagnostics configuration
    • Work with the diagnostics development team to prioritize level 4 support requests (new development)

Support Management (35%)

  • Manage onboarding activities for assigned clients and Building Analyst team
    • Serve as escalation point for stalled projects
    • Provide Sequence of Operation Reviews
    • Perform secondary Diagnostics Commissioning as needed
  • Mentor and train assigned Building Analysts
  • Support Client Success initiatives
    • Create client value Impact Reports
    • Support Account Managers in proactive management of selected clients
    • Lead or participate in quarterly or ad hoc Impact Reviews for selected clients
  • Manage the support process in JIRA Service Desk, Confluence and other tools
  • Suggest new support processes when necessary
  • Create and manage documents, videos, or other media to aid in support
  • Write and maintain FAQ section of CW and BA

Internal Support (10%)

  • Work closely with the account management and service team, the project deployment team, the system integration team, and the diagnostics development team, providing client feedback to help define and prioritize tasks, process changes, and development
  • If your bandwidth allows, help the service team to provide client reports when there many due at once
  • If your bandwidth allows, help the deployment team by performing a secondary commissioning on project deployments

Product Planning (5%)

  • Work closely with product planning and development teams, providing client feedback to help define and prioritize new product features and changes to existing product features
  • Join company-wide brainstorming sessions


The Ideal Candidate…

  • Has a working knowledge of HVAC systems and how they operate
  • Has a working knowledge of HVAC documentation, including mechanical schedules and sequences of operation
  • Is effective when communicating with all clients (both over the phone and through email) from maintenance technicians to C-level executives
  • Has good troubleshooting skills
  • Enjoys solving problems
  • Can work independently and with teams
  • Has experience coaching and mentoring others
  • Wants to be part of a small, innovative company with the unique opportunities and challenges that go with that

Experience with:

  • The building automation industry, HVAC engineering, or related fields
  • Microsoft office products, especially Microsoft Excel
  • Business intelligence software (Microsoft Power BI or other)
  • Familiarity with one or more building automation systems

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