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Nick Gayeski
Nick Gayeski on Apr 4, 2016 11:52:42 AM


I’m Nick Gayeski, one of the co-founders of KGS Buildings. I wanted to take a moment to welcome you to our blog before we dive into what today’s era of smart, connected buildings on the Internet of Things means for facilities teams. 

At KGS, we are leading the charge in leveraging cloud technology to aggregate big data from buildings. Our goal is to automate analytics and produce actionable information for leading facility managers, service providers, engineers and decision-makers. With this information, they can better manage buildings for high performance all over the world.  

We live in an exciting time.


Every day, there are more and more customers from more and more industries who are interested in the ways in which they can improve the productivity of their staff, increase the comfort of their occupants, and reduce the energy consumption, cost and carbon impact of their buildings. We’ve had the privilege of working closely with our customers and partners in industries including education, healthcare, real estate and life sciences (among many others) to convert advanced analytics from their facilities into operational excellence, resulting in a big impact.


On our blog, you can expect expert advice from the KGS Buildings team. We will share our perspectives on the world of intelligent buildings, our continually evolving place within it and the incredible success stories and best practices of our customers and partners. Here, we will provide you with what facilities organizations need to know to be successful when implementing fault detection and diagnostics programs. We’ll also share best practices that we continually learn from the inspiring people we work with every day – our clients, partners and the community of building professionals at large.


We will begin posting to the blog regularly and hope to see you back here soon. Help us spread the word and feel free to share our content with your community, colleagues and partners. Most of all, thank you for your attention – arguably the scarcest resource we have in today’s fast-paced world.



Co-Founder, KGS Buildings  

Topics: Building Analytics, Cloud, AFDD

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