New! Updated White Paper about the AFDD Marketplace

Automated Fault Detection and Diagnostics (AFDD) is not a side business for us, it is what we do at KGS Buildings. We have recently refreshed and updated our white paper that discusses the evolution of the market for these AFDD offerings. Many of our partners and customers have commented on how useful this paper has been in the promotion of a digital transformation within their own organizations. Read on for more details of this refreshed content.
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Automated FDD on over 140,000 equipment - how we got here

Ten years ago, KGS was born out of the desire to make a big impact on the built environment. The founders believed that...

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How KGS Buildings Helped a Large University Achieve $1 Million in Annual Energy Savings


Energy efficiency is good for the planet, but when done right, it’s also good for your budget. In the case of large...

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