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KGS’ Clockworks API – a commitment to the future

In 2016, KGS made a significant development investment to open up the Clockworks platform with an application programming interface (API). As we push Clockworks Fault Detection and Diagnostics into the future, it is very important to us that our clients choose KGS with the knowledge that they are future-proofing their investment. This means that their data will not be lost in yet another data silo, but rather open and available for future use cases not even thought of yet today.
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Automated FDD on over 140,000 equipment - how we got here

Ten years ago, KGS was born out of the desire to make a big impact on the built environment. The founders believed that...

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How to Enable Proactive Facility Management

Facility managers have a tough but vital job. They need to catch issues and respond to them quickly, prioritizing as best...

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KGS Co-Founder Nick Gayeski Speaks at CSHE 45th Annual Institute

Today (Thursday, May 26), one of our co-founders, Nick Gayeski, will be speaking at the California Society for...
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KGS Buildings in Support of the DOE Smart Energy Analytics Campaign

KGS Buildings is thrilled to announce that we are a supporting partner of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Smart Energy...

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How Will Automated Building Analytics Impact My Job as a Facility Manager?


If you’re a facility manager, you know the feeling: The costs are rising, the buildings and equipment are aging, yet...

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How to Select the Right Automated Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) Solution


With similar words being used for different tools and different words being used for similar technologies, it’s often...

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