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How Will Automated Building Analytics Impact My Job as a Facility Manager?

  If you’re a facility manager, you know the feeling: The costs are rising, the buildings and equipment are aging, yet you have no idea where to begin to reduce costs or improve performance. Maybe it’s that pesky air handler over in Building 1, or maybe it’s a leaking valve over in the lab, but how do you really know?   You might be spending your days digging through the data in trend logs from your building automation systems (BAS), when you could instead be automating the collection and analysis of this data with a dedicated building analytics solution. That means you can finally get back to doing what you got into building management for in the first place — working with real insights to achieve impactful business outcomes and keep occupants (your customers) happy, comfortable and productive.   At KGS Buildings, we’re passionate about helping facilities managers turn data into prioritized action in an intuitive and advanced platform so they can get back to the more meaningful parts of their jobs. When that happens, facility managers, in fact, become even more valuable and integral to the entire organization.  
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Welcome to the KGS Buildings Blog!


I’m Nick Gayeski, one of the co-founders of KGS Buildings. I wanted to take a moment to welcome you to our blog before...

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