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KGS’ Clockworks API – a commitment to the future

In 2016, KGS made a significant development investment to open up the Clockworks platform with an application programming interface (API). As we push Clockworks Fault Detection and Diagnostics into the future, it is very important to us that our clients choose KGS with the knowledge that they are future-proofing their investment. This means that their data will not be lost in yet another data silo, but rather open and available for future use cases not even thought of yet today.
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Automated FDD on over 140,000 equipment - how we got here

Ten years ago, KGS was born out of the desire to make a big impact on the built environment. The founders believed that...

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4 Ways Growing Building Portfolios Benefit From Cloud-Based Building Analytics

Every building is built and configured differently. That’s why the challenge for building analytics becomes magnified in...

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How to Enable Proactive Facility Management

Facility managers have a tough but vital job. They need to catch issues and respond to them quickly, prioritizing as best...

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Top 5 Smart Building Influencers to Follow

Over the past few years, smart building initiatives have skyrocketed — becoming an essential discussion for nearly every...

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How the Internet of Things Will Affect Building Analytics

Interest in the Internet of Things (IoT) is absolutely exploding right now: Gartner forecasts that 6.4 billion connected...

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How a MIT Research Laboratory Implemented Clockworks to Achieve $286,000 in Annual Savings

When you think of a research laboratory, you probably think about a lot of data, a lot of brainpower, and some of the...

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