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Smart Campus Focus at the OAPPA Conference

What does facilities management look like on the campus of the future? KGS Buildings is honored to participate in helping to shape that vision through conferences such as OAPPA.
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The Future of Energy Efficiency: Rosenfeld Symposium Recap

Last week I was fortunate and grateful to participate in a symposium event at Berkeley Labs honoring the great Art...

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Here's some additional coverage related to the selection of  Clockworks as a 2019 Money-Saving Products winner by...

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KGS Buildings Speaking at the 2019 Rosenfeld Symposium

Nick Gayeski, CEO of KGS Buildings will be speaking at the prestigious Rosenfeld Symposium 2019 hosted by Lawrence...

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Organization Matters – A Diagnostics as a Service Approach

When discussing complex applications of scalable cloud-based analytics, it is easy to overlook a fundamental aspect of...

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Clockworks® is a Money Saving Editors Choice at

We are very pleased to announce that BUILDINGS selected Clockworks as a 2019 Money-Saving Products winner and that it...

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Questions to Ask About Toolkit-based FDD: Part 2

Part 2 of a short series on evaluating different approaches to Fault Detection and Diagnostics. 

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