KGS Buildings Featured on EnergyMatters 2U Podcast

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Alex Grace
Alex Grace on Aug 16, 2018 7:45:00 AM

As a part of the run up to the the recent APPA event in Washington DC, I was pleased to be interviewed about the history of KGS Buildings and how Clockworks is empowering facilities teams with predictive maintenance and automated intelligence. The interview, with hosts Leo Ryan and Ron Gillooly, has been distributed on the EnergyMatters2U podcast platform. 

EnergyMatters2U is all about advancing the business of energy management through discussion of practical, cost effective energy efficiency and sustainable energy solutions. KGS Buildings is, without doubt, at the center of this industry trend with its award winning Clockworks solution. When I'm talking about the industry and what we do, I often find myself quoting our amazing clients - "Clockworks is a platform that allows us to feel like we are driving while looking through the front window as opposed to always looking in the rear view mirror."

Enjoy the podcast!

Alex Grace

KGS Buildings team.

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