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Posted by KGS Team on May 6, 2020 7:15:00 AM

We are pleased to highlight two recent podcasts featuring the KGS Buildings team in conversation with James Dice, Energy and Analytics writer/commentator. The discussions cover the history and maturity of the FDD approach to illustrate, amongst other things, how the flexibility and scalability of Clockworks™ cloud-based FDD has been a critical asset in adaptation to current remote working challenges.

"I think maintenance is fundamentally going to shift into a more data-driven, proactive approach rather than mostly PMs or preventative maintenance or reactive. And I think that's where analytics and FDD has the biggest role to play.”

In the first podcast, Nick Gayeski, CEO, KGS Buildings discusses the history of KGS Buildings and how the approach taken by Clockworks is differentiated from its competitors in fault detection and diagnostics. Energy efficiency is now only one of the benefits seen by system users—condition-based or predictive maintenance now is now understood as an important risk reduction strategy, and FDD has become key to address their staffing challenges, resource challenges, and knowledge gaps.

This podcast summary, show notes, highlights, transcript:

The second podcast is a conversation with Alex Grace of KGS Buildings. This episode is complementary to the first episode and covers a wide range of industry topics. In particular it touches on the carrot and stick associated with digital business model transformation for Engineering, Commissioning, Mechanical and Controls companies, and which sectors are at risk of being left behind. They also cover industry buzzwords and hype cycles such as IoT and AI/ML and whats real and whats not today.

"So what is shared knowledge? It means you have a single source of truth. It means you have a diagnostics platform where the data doesn't lie—it's accurate and tuned to your operations and sequences. It means your mechanical technicians, controls technicians, energy engineers, sustainability professionals, and design engineers all have access to that same information to do their job.”

Podcast notes/links/YouTube:

The team at KGS Buildings appreciate the excellent industry content published by James Dice in his Nexus newsletter and podcast—news for smart people applying smart building technology. If you would like to hear more, you can subscribe here. Thanks for listening!

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