The KGS Team


Nicholas Gayeski, PhD - Polish Army Knife

Nick Gayeski

Nick Gayeski is a Partner and Co-Founder at KGS Buildings, LLC working with customers to help solve their needs with KGS' technology and services. Nick supports channel partners and large direct customers in adopting and incorporating Clockworks into their service offerings and facilities processes.  Nick also works with the system integration, software, and services teams to ensure that the needs of customers are met and that KGS technology and services adapt to the changing marketplace.  Nick holds a BA (2002) in physics from Cornell University, and an MS (2007) and PhD (2010) in Building Technology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 


Siân Kleindienst, PhD - Master Control Program

Sian Kleindienst

A Partner and Co-Founder at KGS Buildings, Siân Kleindienst has a B.A. in physics from Harvard, and both a Ph.D. (2010) and a Masters (2006) in Building Technology from MIT, where her research focused on daylight modeling, metrics, computational analysis, and graphical communication.  She currently leads the building technology team at KGS, which is responsible for setting up buildings for analysis, creating and maintaining the diagnostics code library, and providing training, diagnostic reports, and other professional services to clients.  Siân has an overarching interest in reducing operational building energy through both passive and efficient mechanical HVAC and lighting, and she enjoys using data to help create a greater understanding of building equipment problems. Through KGS, she strives to promote university-level analysis in the current field of building construction and management, and to help make energy efficiency part of the "best practice" of building design and operation. 


John Anastasio - Chief Technology Sorcerer

John Anastasio

John Anastasio is a Partner and CTO of KGS Buildings. John received his B.S. in Computer Engineering, with a minor in Business from Northeastern University. He has over 12 years of experience architecting and developing complex and extensive web sites and applications. John has worked for several top development agencies in Massachusetts, where a fast paced and cutting edge environment has inspired his innovative thinking and his ability to generate a multitude of creative, yet user-friendly web experiences.

Primary interests and focal points revolve around back-end development, front-end development, n-tier architecture, relational and non-relational database design, scalable enterprise cloud solutions, SaaS applications, build automation, content management systems, systems integration, and hosting. John uses technologies that include but are not limited to Microsoft Azure, ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server, TSQL, Linq, Ajax, HTML, CSS, XML, Javascript, Web Services, Telerik, SVN, and Atlassian. He is also certified in multiple web based technologies, content management systems, and information technology fields.  John’s development experience goes hand in hand with project management, agile, r&d, design, user experience, continuous integration, QA, and disaster recovery. John has additionally designed full software development lifecycles for numerous companies, enabling them to streamline work flow, organize their teams, and positively influence their bottom lines.

Given John's extensive background and creative experience, it is of no surprise to those in the industry he has developed numerous award winning web sites and has acted with distinction as a judge for the Web Marketing Association's international judging panel since 2008. As a seasoned veteran in the web development field, John is currently moving forward to lead the KGS software development team to success.


Nathan Pickett - VP of Cloud Whispering

Nate Pickett

As VP of Technology, Nathan brings over 15 years of experience building database driven applications using PERL, Java and .Net technologies to KGS Buildings. Prior to joining KGS Buildings, Nathan was a technical lead for Cramer and Digitas. At Cramer, Nathan implemented content management systems and dynamic websites for a variety of clients, including Siemens, Zoll Medical, Dewey Leboeuf, Kilpatrick Stockton and Covidien. At Digitas Nathan was a technical lead, where he developed websites and executed marketing initiatives for several Fortune 500 companies, including Turner, General Motors, FedEx and Diet Coke. While at Digitas, he was part of the team that spearheaded Niemen Marcus' online storefront. He also worked on ecommerce development for Digitas' London office and helped launch two large retailers based in the United Kingdom.

Nathan majored in Computer Science and received his Bachelors Degree from Gettysburg College with honors.


Alex Grace - Amazing Grace

Alex G

Alex Grace is the Vice President of Business Development at KGS Buildings. He brings extensive experience developing channel partner relationships and go-to-market strategy for combined SaaS and engineering services.

Alex’s responsibilities at KGS include developing and expanding the KGS Buildings partner network and supporting domestic and international sales. Alex is passionate about energy efficiency in the built environment and the opportunity that Fault Detection holds to drive energy and CO2 reduction goals. He received his B.S. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Political Science and Sustainable Business. When he is not in the office marveling at the abilities of the KGS team, Alex can be found bouldering area rock faces.


Joe Fucetola - Mr. Universe

Joe Fucetola

Joe Fucetola is a VP of Finance at KGS Buildings. He recently concluded a distinguished 30 year career with Hewlett Packard and has over 25 years experience as a director level manager in R&D—leading teams of 30 to 50 engineering professionals. He led 15 major technology programs which included workstation products, integrated circuit process development (including packaging and testing technologies), and electrical, mechanical, power and product ID design. Joe has managed R&D budgets ranging up to $25 million. He served on the Board of Directors and was HP's lead for the Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation (MCC) consortium. Joe is a lifelong learner and tutors math and physics at Colorado State University. He has a BS in electrical engineering from NJ Institute of Technology (’71) and MS in electrical engineering from University of Illinois (’73).


Carl Samara - Director of Services


Carl Samara is a Director of Services at KGS Buildings. He has over 20 years of experience in HVAC/R and controls with a focus on Building Management Systems. Carl brings real world, field level experience and customer portfolio management expertise to the KGS Buildings team. He is excited to continue the development of automated FDD in the Commercial Buildings market and passionate about energy efficiency through streamlined maintenance and data analysis. A love for travel suits his position well as Carl works remotely from Marietta, GA and supports our customer base world wide.


Jaime Gagne, PhD - Bionic Woman

Jaime Gagne

Jaime Gagne is a Principal Building Scientist at KGS Buildings. With a background in both engineering and architecture, Jaime has extensive experience working with and developing digital tools for building performance analysis. She holds a PhD in Building Technology from MIT, an MArch and an MS in Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania, and a BA in Engineering Sciences from Harvard.  Jaime’s doctoral research focused on the development of an interactive expert system for performance-driven architectural design as well as the design and assessment of a corresponding user interface.  At KGS, Jaime is responsible for managing and developing KGS's library of fault detection diagnostics.  She also supports the deployment team in their assessment and configuration of building data for KGS's analytics platform, and she is always adding new diagnostics as the team encounters new building systems.  Jaime is excited to be part of a team that promotes energy efficiency and improved building performance using innovative strategies and technologies.


Sanjeev Saxena - Principal Software Architect


Sanjeev Saxena is a Principal Software Architect at KGS Buildings. He is a highly accomplished, analytical, and dynamic hands on professional with over 30 years of experience architecting and implementing software and system improvements that streamline business operations and support long-term business objectives. Over 15 years of experience in Enterprise level software system architectures based on, but not limited to, SOA and SaaS-based software solutions across the Energy, Finance, Healthcare, Academic, Multimedia, and Recruiting verticals. Sanjeev is well versed in several technologies but has a passion for the .NET technology stack.


Bill Duckett - Enterprise Account Executive

Bill Duckett is an Enterprise Account Executive at KGS Buildings.


Ryan Cruz - Optimus

Ryan Cruz

Ryan Cruz is a Onboarding Manager at KGS Buildings where he manages the onboarding team. He graduated from Boston University in 2013 where he earned a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and concentrated in Energy Technologies. Ryan was introduced to the field of HVAC and energy efficiency while at BU where he researched building energy consumption and the optimization of airflow in large buildings. He is excited to improve building performance and help save energy and reduce emissions as part of the KGS team.



Kevin Howard - Product Manager

Kevin Howard is a Product Manager at KGS Buildings.


Mike Crosson - Enterprise Account Executive

Mike Crosson is an Enterprise Account Executive at KGS Buildings.


Stephen Bisher - International Man of Mystery


Stephen Bisher is a Process Integration Manager at KGS Buildings. After receiving a BS in Environmental Sciences from UNC Chapel Hill in 2012, he migrated to Boston from sunny North Carolina to begin a career in energy management for the built environment. Before KGS, Stephen filled an assortment of energy-related roles, from managing UNC's campus-wide Energy Star portfolio to conducting energy audits in New York City high rises. With a continued interest in SaaS and monitoring technologies for building efficiency, Stephen is ready to support the services platform with KGS as it grows.



Tom Treat - IT Administrator


Tom Treat is an IT Administrator at KGS Buildings. Tom has been providing network, systems, and security consulting, and IT Management services for companies throughout the Boston area since the late 90’s. When not keeping networks up and secure, Tom can be found tinkering with his Net-Zero modular smart home, being active in the world of efficiency and sustainability, and visiting family in the Green Mountains of Vermont. He believes working at KGS, where the intersection of his passions for energy efficiency and sustainability, technology, and green building, provides the perfect environment to satisfy his interests and assist in his desire to change the world.


Richard Lau - Engineering Support Manager

Richard Lau is a Engineering Support Manager at KGS Buildings.


Stewart Gordon - Lead Front End Engineer

Stewart Gordon is a Lead Front End Engineer at KGS Buildings.


Adam Rosszay - Senior QA Engineer


Adam Rosszay is a Senior Software QA Engineer at KGS Buildings. His motto, “Do it right, or don’t do it at all” speaks to his passion for high-quality software. Studying under the masterful tutelage of Jeff Glennon, one of Boston’s most respected QA minds, shaped Adam into much more than a software tester: he prides himself in taking a holistic approach to evaluating how different divisions and teams within a company not only impact the quality of the software itself, but also the process, communication, and transparency that are vital to creating a high-quality product. His passion and expertise in Agile methodology and test automation are key in this respect as well. Adam holds a BS in Computer Engineering (‘05) from Northeastern University. When he’s not busy turning things into gold at KGS, you can find Adam stepping to the beat in the Boston Latin dance scene, DJing an EDM party somewhere, or scheming ways to save the world while supporting a local coffee shop.


Troy Wilson - Building Analyst

Troy Wilson is a Building Analyst at KGS Buildings.


Sabrina Larkin - Building Analyst

Sabrina Larkin is a Building Analyst at KGS Buildings.


Tyler Long - Service Engineer/System Integration Specialist

Tyler Long is a Service Engineer/System Integration Specialist at KGS Buildings.


Tucker Collins - Building Analyst

Tucker Collins is a Building Analyst at KGS Buildings.


Mark Steranka - Building Analyst

Mark Steranka is a Building Analyst at KGS Buildings.


Martin Mahoney - Contract Software Engineer

From a prior life in an alternate Universe as a musician / composer / construction worker, Martin made a hyperspace jump into web design and development. Working for major clients such as Pfizer, General Motors, AT&T, American Express, DELL, and many others across the banking, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and technology sectors his experience and skills developed to full-stack software engineering. As a result of working across a wide range of platforms, systems, programming languages and business domains, Martin strongly believes in being a team player, using the best tools and the best ideas for the job.

When Martin is not learning new technologies, he leads a double life as an artisan furniture maker using 100% reclaimed materials.




Peter Armstrong, PhD - The White Wizard

Peter Armstrong

Peter Armstrong is a Professor, Scholar, and Research Scientist.  He is on the Mechanical Engineering Faculty at the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology.  Prior to joining the Masdar Institute, Dr. Armstrong was a senior research engineer at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory where he worked on miniature devices, such as a man-portable heatpump and a hypothermic im­plant, efficiency retrofits for domestic and Russian buildings, alternative cooling, and other new end-use and combined heat and power technologies. Dr. Armstrong's current research interests include: fault modeling and detection in motors, pumps, compressors, and refrigeration equipment; advanced efficient cooling and heat pump technologies, controls and systems; controls for motor, power and thermofluid systems; model-based control, sensor systems; and infiltration, ventilation, contaminant transport and dispersion modeling.  Active in numerous professional associations, Dr. Armstrong has received the following awards: Fostering Diversity Awards (1996, 1998); Key Contributor Award (anisotropic micro-channel recuperator and fabrication method 2002); Top Thirty Inventor of Energy Technology Division (invention disclosures 2000-2004); Outstanding Performance Award (advanced HVAC technology field monitoring/analysis 2005).


Stephen Samouhos, PhD, PE - Rain Maker

Stephen Samouhos

A Partner and Co-Founder at KGS Buildings, Stephen earned his BS ('04), MS ('06) and PhD ('10) all in mechanical engineering at MIT, with a full scholarship to pursue his doctoral dissertation, entitled "Building Condition Monitoring". He also grew up in an electro-mechanical contracting family in NJ where he gained many years of exposure to practical field-work and engineering that is pertinent to building energy efficiency. Today, Stephen strives to combine the practice of fixing buildings with cutting edge IT and real-world engineering in order to deliver scalable and effective solutions for better building performance. In addition to business and product development at KGS, Stephen is also an avid speaker and technology advocate on issues pertaining to IT convergence with the built environment, with invited talks on the subject at the New York Academy of Sciences, United States Department of Energy and the Urban Studies department at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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