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What are Clockworks Modules?

ClockworksTM modules provide tools to identify and prioritize energy savings opportunities, improve operations, track savings over time, and connect to building data, diagnostics and information anywhere, anytime.  Clockworks modules can help fully leverage commissioning or retrocommissioning processes, LEED projects, measurement and verification, and performance based incentive programs.  You choose which modules are important to your particular needs and business demands.

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Commissioning Dashboard

Commissioning Dashboard

The Commissioning Dashboard provides executive level performance trends illustrating which buildings and equipment have faults or inefficiencies over time, and how much those are worth. Users can view the avoidable costs associated with repair and maintenance needs and operational changes, such as adjustments to control sequences or faulty dampers and valves. The impact of faults and opportunities in terms of cost, energy, comfort and maintenance priority can be viewed over time to observe and analyze trends.

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The Diagnostics module identifies and diagnoses energy waste, uncomfortable conditions, and maintenance issues and prioritizes issues according to their dollar value or comfort impact.   Diagnostics performed on building data quantify cost, energy and comfort impacts on an equipment by equipment basis.  The diagnostics module automatically creates a list of the top operational problems in your building according to dollar value.

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Analysis Builder

Analysis Builder/Data Explorer

Quickly explore and troubleshoot with all trended data over any date range by selecting data points and generating graphs. Develop your own ad-hoc rules using a user friendly interface where you can build, save, and share graphs with other users.

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The Reporting module provides the ability to export raw and calculated data from Clockworks and generate reports with graphs and text. Accelerate M&V and share reports to direct the resolution of equipment and system issues.

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Performance Dashboard

Performance Dashboard

The Performance Dashboard allows you to quickly view an overview of your portfolio and building level utility performance, including basic energy performance, benchmarks and comparisons.

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The Profiles pages contain important information about each building, piece of equipment, or system in the building.  QR codes deployed in the field provide quick access to building and equipment profiles, from which users can view basic engineering information, link to documents, data and diagnostics, or connect to external tools such as existing document management, maintenance management, GIS, or other tools.

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Users can use Documents to store information with specific systems and equipment and share them with service providers, maintenance technicians, engineers, and others.  Documents such as testing and balancing reports, calibration notes, maintenance manuals, system diagrams and details, and more can be made available to users of your choice anywhere, anytime.

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Utility Billing

Utility Billing

Generate tenant utility billing allocation using actual BMS airflow, BTU and available submeter data, and store reports for future reference. Electric, gas, steam, or chilled water meters and submeters can be combined with building management system data from BTU meters, flow stations, and conventional control points to allocate utility costs by tenant or customer consumption measured in multiple systems and formats.

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The Alarms module provides users with information about alarms across their portfolio, including current alarm states, occurrences, percentages, frequencies, durations, thresholds, as well as drill down capabilities to look at statistics on alarms by buildings, equipment, and alarm types.

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The Kiosk is both a community facing portal, and external public touch screen enabled interactive kiosk which allows users to view a real-time graphical overview of your portfolio and building level utility performance, including basic energy performance, breakdowns, and comparisons.

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The Projects module enables users to create projects associated with diagnostic results across equipment to track project information, establish costs and payback, set target dates, organize workflow, prioritize projects, assign users, and generate projected cost savings.


Live Data Dashboard

The Live Data Dashboard provides a quick snapshot of system performance over the past 24 hours. Trends for any point in Clockworks can be viewed with the click of a button, from the field on a table or mobile device, and in the office on your computer.

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