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What is Clockworks?

cwKGS’ flagship software, ClockworksTM, delivers energy and cost savings by utilizing extensive automated analytic libraries to produce prioritized energy efficiency and maintenance actions for facility managers, operators and service providers. Clockworks is based on 30+ combined years of research and development, leveraging the team’s doctoral research and customer-driven development. KGS conducted a cooperative research and development agreement with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory for market deployment of building diagnostics.  Request a demo by contacting:

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Online access to data, diagnostics, and guidance

Clockworks connects your team with valuable information:

  • Real-time data and historical trending from sensors, control systems, and utility meters
  • Automated fault detection and diagnostics
  • Cost and energy savings opportunities
  • Custom reports and analytics


Engineering consulting to support your team

KGS Buildings will work with your team to leverage the power of Clockworks’ automated data collection and diagnostics.

We provide:

  • Engineering support to identify and protect energy efficiency investments
  • Custom analyses built for your organization’s unique needs
  • Measurement and verification for incentive programs
  • Support in pursuing LEED credits for M&V, Ongoing Commissioning, and more


Clockworks Modules

Clockworks provides a suite of powerful tools to help your team become more proactive and efficient, including the Commissioning Dashboard, Diagnostics, Live Data Dashboard, Reports, Profiles, Documents, Analysis Building/Data Explorer, Performance Dashboard, and Utility Billing. For detailed information, go to the Modules page.

  • Commissioning

    Commissioning Dashboard

  • Analysis Builder

    Analysis Builder/Data Explorer

  • Performance

    Performance Dashboard

  • Documents


  • Alarms

    Alarms (Just Released)

  • Projects

    Projects (Just Released)

  • Diagnostics


  • Reporting


  • Profiles


  • Utility Billing

    Utility Billing

  • Kiosk


  • Live Data

    Live Data Dashboard

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Clockworks Key Features

  • Automated Diagnostics
  • Cross-Platform Data Integration
  • Customizable Reports
  • Secure Enterprise-Level Network
  • Access Anywhere
  • Unlimited Cloud-Based Storage
  • Link to External Management Systems

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Benefits of Using Clockworks

  • Proactive Operations for Energy and Cost Savings
  • Ongoing Commissioning to Maintain Performance over Time
  • Organize Building Data and Documents
  • Performance M&V for Incentives Programs
  • LEED Credits for EBOM and BD&C

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