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4 Ways Growing Building Portfolios Benefit From Cloud-Based Building Analytics

Every building is built and configured differently. That’s why the challenge for building analytics becomes magnified in large building portfolios composed of various categories: old, new, renovated, or expanding. Cumulatively, those buildings produce a lot of data, require a lot of custom configurations, and take a lot of time to manage in any proactive way.   But, from our point of view, those are yesterday’s problems—at least, if you’re using cutting-edge technology in a strategic way. In this post, we will uncover how cloud-based building analytics are best suited for large and growing building portfolios today.  

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How to Enable Proactive Facility Management

Facility managers have a tough but vital job. They need to catch issues and respond to them quickly, prioritizing as best they can with little to no visibility into the metrics that tell the bigger picture. With so much time focused on reactive tasks, there is very little time for proactive measures. The good news, though, is that new technology is making it possible for facility managers to not only handle the day-to-day tasks that come up, but to actually take a proactive stance on facility management.

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KGS Buildings Counts Down to APPA 2016!

For the first time, KGS Buildings will attend the Annual APPA Meeting & Exposition, held in Nashville, TN from July 12-14. This event is the premier meeting for higher education facilities professionals seeking best practices and best-of-breed solutions for cost-effective building management. Over 500 facilities management professionals are expected to attend the event from universities across the country.

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KGS Buildings to Demo Clockworks at the ASHE Annual Conference

Meet KGS Buildings in booth 565 at the American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE) Annual Conference and Technical Exhibition next week (July 10-13, 2016). With more than 3,300 industry professionals expected to attend, ASHE is a leading national conference and exhibition for healthcare facility management and engineering professionals.

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Top 5 Smart Building Influencers to Follow

Over the past few years, smart building initiatives have skyrocketed — becoming an essential discussion for nearly every large organization throughout the U.S. and beyond. Thousands of individuals are paving the way in smart building awareness and education. But which experts stand out as influencers in this expanding ecosystem?

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KGS Buildings to Lead the Conversation On Automating FDD at IBCon 2016

For the fourth year in a row, KGS Buildings is heading out to IBCon 2016, hosted in Silicon Valley. An event that has grown to be the world’s most comprehensive platform for smart building discussions and evolutions, we’re especially looking forward to this year’s theme: commercial and corporate real estate building innovation.  

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How the Internet of Things Will Affect Building Analytics

The Internet of Things (IoT) is absolutely exploding right now: Gartner forecasts that 6.4 billion connected “things” will be in use worldwide this year, a 30 percent increase from last year. IoT is prevalent in just about every industry today — from retail and healthcare to education and government, as well as industrial manufacturing.  

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How a MIT Research Laboratory Implemented Clockworks to Achieve $286,000 in Annual Savings

When you think of a research laboratory, you probably think about a lot of data, a lot of brainpower, and some of the most innovative discoveries made by humankind to date. Behind all of this incredible work is the energy that powers laboratories and all of their state-of-the-art equipment.   In the case of a 450,000 square foot MIT research laboratory in Cambridge, Massachusetts, energy costs were increasing, and, as a result, they were missing out on major utility program incentives. To get back on track and uncover the issues causing an escalation in energy inefficiency, MIT’s research laboratory implemented KGS Buildings’ flagship software, Clockworks, to automate their building diagnostics and uncover significant cost savings. In just one year, the MIT research laboratory realized $286,000 in validated annual savings and $50,000 in utility incentives. Sound like the kind of savings you hope to achieve across your buildings?  

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KGS Buildings to Present at Northeast Energy Efficiency Summit (NEEP) 2016

What makes NEEP particularly unique is that it highlights not only the latest best practices, but the technologies that are making this happen — the ones that are documented to lead to the most impressive savings.   KGS Buildings is proud to participate in NEEP for the first time. This year, our Vice President of Business Development, Alex Grace, will be featured on a panel, “Customer Engagement, Energy Management and IT Geeks: Emerging C&I Sector Solutions,” on Monday, alongside Kathy Montijo of PSEG-LI, Patrick Reedy of Cascade Energy and Chris Tomasini of BuildingIQ. Moderated by David Lis, Director of Market Strategies for NEEP, this panel that will define how companies can implement energy efficiency as a core strategy for cost control and energy resiliency. Alex and the other panelists will explore the tools and services that are transforming the market to achieve the most meaningful energy savings in the C&I sectors.

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KGS Co-Founder Nick Gayeski Speaks at CSHE 45th Annual Institute

Today (Thursday, May 26), one of our co-founders, Nick Gayeski, will be speaking at the California Society for Healthcare Engineering ’s 45th Annual Institute on the topic of “ Transforming Operations Using Analytics to Achieve Persistent Savings .” CSHE invited Nick to speak because of work that KGS has done transforming facility operations in healthcare . We are very much looking forward to what promises to be an enlightening conversation.

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