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Transforming Facilities

Every day, facility owners and operators in every sector — at universities, hospitals, corporate real estate, and more — are asked to do more with less. They are forced to react to building automation alarms, hot and cold calls, and long lists of maintenance tasks.


Hidden within each building and HVAC systems are everyday mechanical and controls faults as well as high-impact opportunities for improvement. Yet, without a room full of engineers monitoring data every day, it’s nearly impossible for teams to detect every leaking valve, stuck damper or sub-optimal control sequence, much less quantify their impacts and measure the results. 


That’s where Clockworks by KGS Buildings comes in.


What is Clockworks?

Clockworks is a cloud-based fault detection and diagnostics (FDD) solution providing prioritized and comprehensive diagnostics to improve facility performance and reduce HVAC costs.


KGS Buildings Clockworks - Identify & Prioritize, Investigate, Take Action, and Report


Clockworks turns building automation system data into actionable information by identifying, prioritizing and tracking operational inefficiencies and energy waste from millions of data points every day. Your team can identify, prioritize, investigate, and report on findings  all from within Clockworks.


Impact on Performance

From modern operations & maintenance best practices and cost-saving improvements to new energy conservation measures, Clockworks points your team to prioritized issues and their root causes so your staff spends less time finding problems and more time fixing them.




Elevate Your Building Analytics Intelligence with Clockworks

An end-to-end enterprise FDD solution, Clockworks allows

  • Proactive Maintenance
  • Prioritized Insights
  • Measured Impact
  • Expert Support
  • Scalable Customization
  • Cross-Platform Integration


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